Tuesday, November 22, 2016

BUGS Election Results and Thanksgiving Dinner

It has been a busy month here at BUGS as we move swiftly into fall. BUGS Students have continued to excel in their component times of gardening, art, cooking, STEM, and dance as well as settling into their homework sessions for academic growth. Additionally, this year students have ben participating in a BUGS election to represent student voices within the BUGS program.

The results of the primaries were in! Our Presidential candidates were Bryce from the Spiders group and Ty'Nasia from the Ladybugs group. Our Vice Presidential candidates were Nalani from the Grasshoppers and Dennia from the Butterflies. On BUGS Election Day, November 11th, we gathered at FDIMM to hear each candidate deliver a fantastic speech about why students should vote for them to represent BUGS.

After careful consideration and a brief Q&A, students and staff cast their votes privately and BUGS Election Day Staff counted the ballots.

It was a close race and I am excited to announce our BUGS President and Vice President as Ty'nasia and Dennia! Congratulations to them on a well-run campaign! They will now be able to form a committee and meet with BUGS staff to give input on field trips, BUGS bucks catalog, and other program decisions.

Mr. Al swore in our elected officials in at our BUGS Thanksgiving Dinner that was held at CJR.

We had volunteers from John's Hopkins Carey Business School help serve Thanksgiving dinner which all BUGS students, staff, and parents thoroughly enjoyed. It was a wonderful evening enjoyed by all!

Friday, November 4, 2016

On Friday, October 28th, the BUGS program traveled to Rogers Farm in Stevenson, MD. The students got a chance to visit some farm animals, pick pumpkins from a Pumpkin patch and venture through a corn maze!! What a great start to the Halloween weekend!!

Friday, September 30, 2016

Back to BUGS!

The BUGS 2016-2017 academic year is off to a great start! We have some new faces among both the staff and the students, and have enjoyed getting to know everyone for these first 2 weeks. The Living Classrooms East Harbor Campus feels back to normal again now that we have our 60 BUGS kids running around it every afternoon!

In gardening class, we have gotten back into the swing of things with our garden jobs--the Butterflies have been taking great care of the chickens, worms, compost, and garden.

Brittany harvesting lavender to dry over the winter

Micah & Nyjirah getting to know our  BUGS worms in the greenhouse
We have also introduced the BUGS election! This year, in  honor of our US Presidential Election, each group is going to elect a representative to run in the general election in  November to be President & Vice President of BUGS. The President and Vice President will appoint a committee who, with the BUGS staff, will share in the responsibility of making decisions in the program. 

The Butterflies gave speeches telling their classmates why they felt they should be the vice presidential candidate representing their group. The girls did a great job preparing for and delivering their speeches. After the speeches, we voted and declared Dennia the winner! In November, Dennia will face off against the representative from the grasshoppers that we elect next week. In the mean time, the Butterflies have taken on jobs--campaign managers, PR reps, journalists, polling reporters, and canvassers--that they will carry out until the election on November 11.

Destiny giving her speech

Shayla giving her speech

Madison choosing who she will vote for 
The girls were so excited for Dennia when she was announced the winner!

We got to work making signs to help elect Dennia to VP of BUGS

Thursday, September 1, 2016

During this past summer program BUGS students worked on beautifying the raised garden beds in the front of the East Harbor Campus. The process was successful with the help of Morgan Stanley volunteers. The volunteers helped to sand and prime the flower for the students to paint their designs.
Throughout the summer the students worked on designs inspired by the landscape around the campus and their imaginations. We even took a few design trips on the water taxi to the Under Armor factory for inspiration.
During the last week of camp BUGS students got to work with Guest artist Alexis Mena. Alexis is a muralist, visual artist and teaching artist born and raised in Brooklyn, New York.  Mr. Mena and the students collaborated to bring the designs to life on the bed.

                                  The Flower Beds after Morgan Stanley Volunteers visited!

                               Idea Boards, used for when students had a creativity block.
                          Alexis began the day by doing some kundalini yoga with the kids. 

                                          Summer and Ms. Ronnie working with stencils.

                                               Gabriel working on what will be a building.
                                              Guest artist Alexis Mena with Nyjirah.
                           BUGS students and Alexis Mena, after a great day of working together!

Friday, August 12, 2016


During the summer months, i like to remind that kids that not only are they partaking in a Dance class, but creative movement is also a HUGE part of my curriculum. I like to also remind them that creative movement can be explored in so many different and fun ways, not just dance. So each summer i dive into a world very different from any other that our students have experienced. Last summer they learned  about sumo wrestling and at the end of the sessions were able to partake in their own sumo battles, equipped with sumo suit and all. This summer, the students learned about the Maryland State Sport, Jousting!

Over the course of the summer sessions, the students learned the rules, history and fun facts about the sport of jousting. They took a pre-test at the beginning of the session to see what they may have already known and from their the class to flight. They learned about Knights, kings, chivalry, and the medieval way of life.

During the last week of camp, the students mounted their hobby horses, armed themselves with their lances (pool noodles) and charged into the world of jousting full force. This proved to be a very different and fun activity for the students and judging from the looks on their faces, they really enjoyed themselves.