Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Lately in the garden...

In the winter at BUGS, things are much slower outside in the garden. We've harvested the last of our root vegetables from the outdoor garden beds, and for now they will quietly await the spring.

Endia and Rosa with our final late-fall harvest: Radishes! The next week, the ladybugs and grasshoppers prepared and tasted them in 3 different ways: roasted, raw, and pickled.

In the mean-time, our heated greenhouse is is still full of life! We have been busy in the greenhouse planting seeds, growing mushrooms, caring for our composting worms, cloning succulents, and harvesting/caring for the plants that are ready to harvest. Seeding for the Seedling Sale & Farmers Market starts in a couple of weeks, so things will start being a LOT busier in the greenhouse soon.

Dontiara, Cheyenne, and Te'Nayshisa inoculating coffee grounds with mushrooms.

Some of the ladybugs prepped our greenhouse garden beds with compost. This week the spiders seeded carrots, turnips, and beets into the beds.

Brian watering the lettuce.

The grasshoppers love checking in on our composting worms!

Tamiera prepping trays for cloning some succulents.

Madison getting cozy with a composting worm :)  


Spiders and a pretty sunset. We are so lucky to be on such a beautiful campus!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

City Hall for the Holidays and Bug Buck Prizes

On December 19th, BUGS was invited to City Hall to meet the new mayor, Catherine Pugh. Also, the BUGS students had a chance to take pictures with Santa and receive presents. The students and staff were delighted to have this opportunity at City Hall. This was a wonderful way to embrace the holiday spirit!

Then, on December 22nd BUGS held its Bug Buck Catalogue Prize Handout. The students received the prizes they purchased from the catalogue.  

Last but not least, BUGS wished its farewells to Ms. Kadija as she moves onto a new job. We wish Ms. Kadija the best of luck in her future endeavors and thank her for everything that she has done for BUGS. Ms. Kadija will be missed! We also welcomed Mr. Tyone in his new role as the Program Manager.

-Mr. Zach