Thursday, June 29, 2017

BUGS Summer Session 1

We have just begun B.U.G.S. Summer Session 1 and there has already be a ton of new exciting projects and adventures. In the first week of STEM class we investigated how microorganisms such as Yeast eat sugar to release carbon dioxide. Then we took cotton swabs of the inside of our mouths to grow bacteria on Petri dishes.

As you can see we had a bunch of different bacterial colonies growing just after a few days!

We also traveled around campus exploring the new summer vegetation, check out this odd flowering plant that Brian Sanders pointed out.

For our first summer trip we went to Rocky Point Park and Beach to catch a tan and relax in the water. It was the perfect weather and the water was warm. 

Also, last week we began our math component by doing a math assessment for all of the BUGS students. The students get a chance to do math-based education games to improve their math skills every day. It has been a wonderful start to the summer so far!

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Rod Puppets with B.U.G.S

The Crickets had a blast creating their own Mini Rod puppets. B.U.G.S students designed and constructed their very own puppets. The process began by discussing identity, the fact of being who or what a person or thing is. We talked about what makes individuals different one other; as far as personality traits, facial features and style. These are the results of the Crickets imagination!

Joselyn working on the clothing of here puppet.

Emmanuel cutting out his pants of his rod puppet.

Sherlyn painting her puppet's skin layer

Finalizing her clothing for her puppet!