Thursday, July 20, 2017

Bird Week!

This week, students in the gardening class got a close-up look at birds!

On Monday, students learned about predator-prey relationships and adaptations by dissecting owl pellets. Although owl pellets look just like poop, we learned that over time, owls have developed two stomachs called the proventriculus and the ventriculus. The owl pellets come from the ventriculus, where the owl stores the fur and bones that it can't digest. It then spits up these pellets for students like us to dissect! We found skulls, vertebrae, ribs, and more, and through careful observation, we figured out what animals our owls had for dinner!

On Tuesday, we had a visit from Patapsco State Park's Scales and Tales program. Mr. Aaron, pictured below, brought a hawk, an owl, a crow, and a vulture to our East Harbor campus. He talked about how all of the animals made their way to Patapsco's rehab and about the adaptations these birds have developed over time. The kids were surprised by how strong a vulture's wings are and were very curious about the owl's blind eye. They had a lot of questions for Mr. Aaron!

On Wednesday, class was all about eggs, eggs, eggs! We learned about the difference between cage, barn, and free-range chickens by watching a video from Australia. Then, we did experiments on eggs. We did the float or sink test to see if the eggs from our chicken coop were old or new, and then we did a spin test to see if I secretly hard boiled them or not. Finally, we dyed the eggs using water, food coloring, and vinegar. We got to connect what we learned in cooking class about MyPlate to our experiments by talking about how eggs are a good source of protein, and then we put our learning to a very yummy taste test.

On Thursday, we went to the National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C., where we saw not only birds, but also extinct animals, gems, mummies, and insects. 

And as always, our campus was full of geese all week!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The American Visionary Museum of Art

BUGS students had the opportunity to visit, The American Visionary Museum of Art. They begin the day with a workshop lead by AVAM staff. The workshop Imagination Portraits was inspired by the works of Gregory Warmack (aka Mr. Imagination)  Mr. imagination was known for creating portraits out of found materials such as  paint brushes, sticks, bottle caps, shells etc. BUGS had a guided tour through AVAM's three buildings.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Exploring the world through Cooking & Nutrition Ed @ BUGS!


From the beginning of the summer, it has been jam packed and full of energy, activity and learning by doing at BUGS. Our educators apply Maryland State and Common Core standards to our carefully crafted component curriculums, to create unique lesson plans that engage our youth using all their senses. With our Program's support we've been able to supply our students with materials, edibles, and exposure to things that they will surely never forget.

Making Vitamin C Gummies & Juicing Workshop

Eager BUGS juicers

This afternoon we explored this DIY project of making our own vegetable based vitamin supplements. Using a juicer, a powdered supplement, and specialty Agar Agar Flakes (which is a special type of seaweed that creates an animal free gelatinous texture to liquids), we got right down to business. Our students at BUGS are huge fans of juice, but usually the kind that contains major amounts of refined sugars and added calories. But when they got to using our classroom kitchen Juicer....... it was like watching kids in a candy store - except these treats did the body a whole lot more good! It was great to see our BUGS students step into teamwork to not only complete their recipe assignments, but exemplify an impressive amount of independence and interest.

Cooling our Vitamins in the Freezer :)

Crab Cake Balls at Waterfront Kitchen

Kyle answering students questions

BUGS has a partnership with the restaurant Waterfront kitchen, where their manager Kyle Smedburg has accommodated our class size of 12 students. Last time we were there, we made crab cake balls and greenhouse salad (the salad is harvested from our BUGS greenhouse :)). Students were able to tap into their true Marylander as they went about down the crab cake assembly line. Students shared stories about homemade crab cakes, and some unique ways and ingredients that their parents and families used to prepare them. At the end we all sat down to enjoy a well deserved meal!

happy campers

Cooking & Gardening Collaboration

Part of our work in the various components that we offer, is to find ways to merge and blend the elements of the others. For a week, our Cooking Class collaborated with our Gardening Educator to directly link eco sustainable DIY projects from the urban garden to the kitchen. Our first project was making our own perfumes we collected from an herb walk we took around our campus. We collected a leafy Plantain, marigolds and other edible flowers, Black Eyed Susans, and plenty of lavender and violet (which we have a nice amount of) among others. We look forward to more experiments in the kitchen and plan to collaborate again in our 2nd session.

sorting herbs

student Eylo Lang smiles for the camera

Our first Summer session is nearing its close, by the end of this week. Then our Educator team is off to Philadelphia for the 21st Century Community Learning Centers Summer Institute for a week of Professional Development in youth engagement.

Our second session starts July 31st and runs until August 10th.

BUGS kitchen classroom
A regular day at BUGS (busy BUGS!)

Cheers to the frontline BUGs staff, and to all the supporters that make it possible for us to do what we do with Baltimore City youth.

Nicola Norman
BUGs Cooking/Nutrition Educator