Thursday, February 25, 2016

It's that time of year again!! The BUGS Farmer's Market is quickly approaching! This year, it'll be even BIGGER! This year is the 20th Annual Farmer's Market and preparation has begun all throughout the program. The students have been planting seeds, cooking dishes, creating art, being scientific and practicing their dance moves all in preparation for this year's market.

The students have also been learning all the ins and outs of the Farmer's Market. A big part of this process is learning each of the jobs responsible for making the market run smoothly. Those jobs consist of the salesperson, stock person, receipt writer, bagger, cashier and lead cashier. All of these positions will be executed by the students. This is what makes The BUGS Farmer's Market so special. It is run by our students and everything being presented has been made by them as well. 

This week the students learned of the six different jobs as well as the duties they will be responsible for performing. In dance class, we played a game where the students were split into groups of two. Each group was responsible for acting out one of the six jobs, while executing great customer service in the process. The students are eager and ready for this year's market. It'll be one you don't want to miss!! Below are a few pictures of some of our students as they performed a skit of a working farmer's marker, with each position covered and executed correctly. 

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