Thursday, March 24, 2016

Howard University Students Volunteer with the BUGS Students

On March 17th, the BUGS Students hosted about 6 students from Howard University, one of the many historically black college and universities in the DMV. Those 6 Howard University students along with some others spent the day volunteering at Living Classrooms Foundation. The 6 college students spent their time with three of the BUGS groups. They were paired with Ms. Rachel and the Ladybugs in Gardening; Mr. Terry and the Spiders in Creative Art; and lastly, Ms. Brittany and the Grasshoppers in Cooking.

While with Ms. Rachel, the two Howard students were asked a series of questions about college. The girls asked about how is it to live in a dorm, what kinds of food do they eat in college, what kind of classes do they take, and what kind of music is played or allow in college. For many of our students, this was their first time interacting with a college student. It was a really great experience for them. It helped to make college very attainable and real for them. And after their question and answer session, the students assisted the Ladybugs with planting cucumber seeds for the BUGS Farmer’s Market.

Along with visiting Ms. Rachel and the Ladybugs, the Howard University volunteers also completed some work with Mr. Terry, the Creative Arts Educator, and the Spiders. They were able to assist the students with their homework and then transitioned into component time. The volunteers and BUGS students worked together to create tape wallets and earrings for the BUGS Farmer’s Market. It is our annual farmer’s market that happens the last Saturday in April on the 30th.

It was truly a pleasure having the college students from Howard University volunteer and visit our campus. It was a great experience for the BUGS students. It gave them an opportunity to see what their future could be. And that’s one of the things BUGS is about.

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