Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Seedling Sale and Guerilla Gardening

The past couple of months in Gardening Class have been a true testament to the immense awesome-ness of BUGS students. Preparing for the BUGS Farmers Market is no easy feat, and when we had thousands of baby plants to seed, feed, pot, and label, sometimes things like Recreation Time and "Fun Fridays" had to be sacrificed.  Despite that, the kids really took ownership over the work that had to be done and by April 30 we were ready to send our seedlings off to their new homes. We love thinking of our vegetables, herbs, and flowers bringing people health and happiness  all over the city.  We also want to say a big "Thank you!" to our partners at Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, Johnny's Selected Seeds, and the Meyer Seed Company for helping to make this all happen!

Here are some pictures of our time leading up to the farmers market:

Crickets seeding our earliest tomatoes in February.

Grasshoppers seeding peppers.

Ladybugs finishing up the last of the seeding.

Spiders did amazing work potting up most of our pepper and tomato plants!

The greenhouse started to need twice-daily watering once the sun came out in April!

Writing labels until our hands were cramping...

The Crickets potting cucumbers the week before the sale.

We had SO much fun on the day of the farmers market. The Crickets (2nd graders) were the group in charge of the greenhouse and they were amazing (and adorable!) salespeople, cashiers, receipt writers, and baggers.

Tamiera, James, and our amazing volunteer Karlee right before the farmers market began!

Te'Leah, Charlie, and Nalani utilized their math skills at the cash register.

All of the BUGS students were able to take a plant home with them!

Once the Farmer's Market was over, we were all able to take a DEEP sigh of relief. The following week, the Butterflies and I went on a drive around their neighborhood to do some "Guerilla Gardening"---planting sunflowers! In a couple months, people will be surprised to see tall and bright flowers growing on their streets.

Planting flowers near Kayla's house.

Johanna's sibling and neighbors came out to help us plant Sunflowers on their street!
For the last few weeks of BUGS, we will be working on our spring and summer garden, enjoying the nice spring weather (if the sun would just come back out!!), and getting excited for BUGS Summer Camp!

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