Friday, May 20, 2016

Springtime at BUGS

After the hustle and bustle of the Farmers' Market the BUGS students and staff have been taking things a little easier. We haven't had many nice days but at the first sign of sunshine we are ready to run and play and explore outside. The Commodore students are going through PARCC testing this month and have a lot of pent up energy to release once they are out of school, so there have been many jump rope battles, rounds of tag and football games.
Shawn and Destiny examining a ladybug
Not a BUGS Ladybug, but a real bug.
Spiders shooting some hoops
Kayla and Ty'Nasia with an elaborate playdoh creation
Jose, Erick and Gabriel posing with their Artbot

Last week we had our final incentive trip: the ever-popular overnight at Camp Puk'Tok. We had a great turn out and the rain held off for exploring the campground, horseback riding and our campfire Friday night. Unfortunately, the storms returned and Friday morning we were unable to go hiking. Instead we enjoy the Jungle Book on the big screen before heading back to the city.

Tey'Nayshisa, Jamea and Diondra cleaning dirt out of the horse's coat

Raven, Ariel and Lizbet making their horse shine

Kayla, Kiya and Raven riding horses

Dontiara and Kameran napping on the bus after our adventures. 

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