Friday, August 12, 2016


During the summer months, i like to remind that kids that not only are they partaking in a Dance class, but creative movement is also a HUGE part of my curriculum. I like to also remind them that creative movement can be explored in so many different and fun ways, not just dance. So each summer i dive into a world very different from any other that our students have experienced. Last summer they learned  about sumo wrestling and at the end of the sessions were able to partake in their own sumo battles, equipped with sumo suit and all. This summer, the students learned about the Maryland State Sport, Jousting!

Over the course of the summer sessions, the students learned the rules, history and fun facts about the sport of jousting. They took a pre-test at the beginning of the session to see what they may have already known and from their the class to flight. They learned about Knights, kings, chivalry, and the medieval way of life.

During the last week of camp, the students mounted their hobby horses, armed themselves with their lances (pool noodles) and charged into the world of jousting full force. This proved to be a very different and fun activity for the students and judging from the looks on their faces, they really enjoyed themselves.

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