Friday, August 5, 2016

On August 4, 2016, the BUGS students went on an adventure like no other. An experience that they will never forget! What is that experience you ask,? none other than The Turkey Hill Experience. The Turkey Hill Farm located in Columbia, PA is a brilliant mixture of interactive exhibits, informational tours, a hands on ice cream mixing/tasting and not to mention all the free samples of teas and ice creams your heart desires. 

The students were able to walk through the Turkey Hill Museum and learn different facts about ice cream and how its made, learn how to milk a cow and play tons of fun dairy/ice cream related games. At the end of the tour, the students were invited into the lab to create their own ice cream flavors. They were able to mix in different flavorings, and extra goodies such as gummie bears, pretzels, pineapples, pecans and much more. 

The Turkey Hill Experience is sure to be something the students will remember for a life time. Every time they crack open a fresh container of Turkey Hill Ice cream or enjoy a nice cold glass of Turkey Hill tea, they will remember their days in the BEST AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM in Maryland..........B.U.G.S!!

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