Thursday, September 1, 2016

During this past summer program BUGS students worked on beautifying the raised garden beds in the front of the East Harbor Campus. The process was successful with the help of Morgan Stanley volunteers. The volunteers helped to sand and prime the flower for the students to paint their designs.
Throughout the summer the students worked on designs inspired by the landscape around the campus and their imaginations. We even took a few design trips on the water taxi to the Under Armor factory for inspiration.
During the last week of camp BUGS students got to work with Guest artist Alexis Mena. Alexis is a muralist, visual artist and teaching artist born and raised in Brooklyn, New York.  Mr. Mena and the students collaborated to bring the designs to life on the bed.

                                  The Flower Beds after Morgan Stanley Volunteers visited!

                               Idea Boards, used for when students had a creativity block.
                          Alexis began the day by doing some kundalini yoga with the kids. 

                                          Summer and Ms. Ronnie working with stencils.

                                               Gabriel working on what will be a building.
                                              Guest artist Alexis Mena with Nyjirah.
                           BUGS students and Alexis Mena, after a great day of working together!

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