Friday, March 3, 2017

BUGS Expo!

BUGS students, families, and staff enjoyed our BUGS Expo held on February 9th at CJR. After sharing dinner, students showcased each of our component areas to share what they have been learning and doing at BUGS this year! We ended the evening with a wonderful and energetic Salsa performance which students have been working hard to learn all year with Mr. Tyone.

This was also a great opportunity to introduce our new dance teacher, Ms. D. Welcome to the BUGS family, Ms. D!! We are excited to see what is coming up next in dance class.

Hope everyone is staying warm! Check out some of the photos from the Expo below.

Isaiah and the Crickets shared information about our composting worms.
Ms. Rachel and the Crickets made "dirt cup" treats with gummy worms! To receive a treat you had to hold a live compost worm in your hand.

James and the Grasshoppers showing off their STEM knowledge and all the projects BUGS students have worked on this year in Mr. Zach's room.

Jerrod, James, and Mr. Terry showing off art projects from this schoolyear including giant puppetry!

Spiders conducted a taste-test of store-bought and BUGS-made hummus and the result was that almost everyone preferred BUGS' hummus. They boys also passed out a variety of treats that they made in class with recipes for parents to take home.

The finale was a salsa dance performance that started off with the Crickets and their maracas.
Butterflies and Ladybugs danced their portion with enthusiasm!

The dance ended with the boys asking the girls for the last dance!

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