Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Camp Puh'tok and the BUGS Expo 2018

We recently had our BUGS expo at the John Rodgers Commodore Elementary and Middle school.  Each BUGS instructor had activities for students and adults.  In addition, each educator displayed what they have been doing with the students throughout the last couple of months.  Some students ended the expo with a fantastic tap dancing performance lead by director Algernon Campbell. 
See the pictures below:

                                                From Ms. Nicola Norman's Cooking Class:

Students and parents could make their own seasoned pop corn.  The empty bottles on the right are displays that were intended to help demonstrate how much sugar is in processed drinks, and how it negatively affects us.  

Pictures of what students have made in Ms. Nicola's cooking class:

From Ms. Dee's Creative Movement/ Art class:

                                                     Flower Vase made with a glass bottle

 **If you want to see the video of the dance performance, please ask management.  The file is too big to share in this blog!!! **

BUGS students visited camp Puh'tok in Monkton, MD again.  At camp they learned about the different parts of a tree, about wildlife, the importance of team building, and about catapults.  They sharpened their motor and sensory skills by making a catapult out of popsicle sticks and rubber bands.  Thereafter, the kids competed with one another to see who's catapult worked the best!  See the pictures below: 

                                            This is Jerrod Moss and his Catapult.  He won 3rd place!

Janel Cotton and her Catapult: 

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