Wednesday, March 21, 2018

We have been so busy here at BUGS preparing for our Farmer's Market (April 28th) and using science to create amazing products for sale to support our budding entrepreneurs!  Our STEM product line this year is centered around Physical and Chemical Changes.  Our BUGS students have been learning all about different types of changes and reactions through the creation of rock candy, bath bombs, soap, and slime!  Just ask our students at the farmer's market the science behind their products and they'll be happy to tell you! Through product creation, our students are learning that science is everywhere and excited to share with you all that they have learned!

In addition to being busy creating products and fine-tuning our customer service and entrepreneurial skills, we have been working on team building and recognizing the value in ourselves and each other.  This past week we went to Camp Puh Tuk and our students participated in team building challenges.  The team wall, pictured below is our BUGS ladies working together to get everyone up and over the wall.  They did wonderfully and really worked together, using communication and collaboration to come up with a strategy for success! 

We always love when we have visitors at BUGS and this week we had the fortune of learning from fellow scientists from Bucknell University.  They provided some awesome activities for our ladies with a focus on increasing female engagement in STEM subjects.  Our ladies had a blast making slime, shooting off a bottle rocket, engineering marshmallow and spaghetti towers, and creating electrical circuits.  While learning by doing our girls got the opportunity to chat with college students studying STEM fields about what they are learning and what future careers may be interesting to them.  Based on my observations, we definitely have some future scientists in our midst!

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